James Stone: Senior Software Developer & Speaker

positive attitude + doubly dangerous

In my talks, videos, and podcasts I tell stories combining my passion, experience and unique background. This is a mix of aesthetics (design), computation (code) and music (also code) to craft personal and unique experiences aimed to entertain and educate your audiences.

Often this manifests as Design Systems (I’ve built a bunch), UI/UX Design and Development Skills and Processes (Sr. Dev at a top Finnish consultancy) and Creative Code (Former Teaching Professor at PSU School of Visual Arts). Currently I live and work in Helsinki, Finland and I am currently¬†on a mission to speak at conferences¬†in or near Europe. Sorry rest of the world, I am also on a mission to be back home on the weekends.


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Learning from Elm: Recreating Functional Patterns in React and TypeScript
What are the good parts of Elm and its architecture and what we can recreate today in a React and TypeScript world.

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How to Improve your Open Source Documentation
Excellent documentation is one of the best ways to promote your OS project. Come and learn what excellent documentation is. Also how to improve your current documentation without much effort. And what is a good place to start.



Component Driven Design with Cypress.io
Learn about how to create behaviour driven e2e tests at the component level to boost confidence.