Today I was doing research for and upcoming course I am working on. I was looking at the CSS Box Model and how other people were going about explaining it.

It is already explained well. And that is the problem.

In fact, I came across no less than 10 great explanation of all the technical details of the Box Model. You change this and then it looks like this. Very specific information. Super deep.

The big question that is unanswered though is, how do you create common patterns with the Box Model? I am always amazed that this gets skipped.

I have a theory.

For technical topics there are two different approaches. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at books, video courses, or a live workshop.

1) The theory style. For a technical topic this takes the entire thing, all the moving parts and just expands upon the official documentation. At the end you just have knowledge but maybe no way to apply it.

2) The tutorial style. This takes you step-by-step from a starting point to an ending point. At the end you have created something. However, you might not know why you have created it.

Although there are a myriad of books, courses, and workshops that fall into category 1, there are few of category 2. That is because category #2 is very difficult to create.

In both cases, often these books are not always written by active practitioners. That means that any advice or explanation you get might not have any actual relevance to real world problems.

My goal in my new course is to strike a nice balance between the tutorial approach and introduce just enough theory so you answer the why question. But that is not enough. I also plan to show you how to work with professional level designs and what my exact process and approach is to bring them to life.