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Hello, I’m James Stone, an independent Design Systems Engineering consultant from California. I help companies streamline complex development projects across teams with diverse personalities and skills. Check out my products and services below to see how I can help your business.

Living (Coded) Styleguide in 60-min

Learn why you should create a living styleguide, how to create a static styleguide MVP with Google Docs, and then how to start a living (coded) styleguide using ZURB Panini and Style Sherpa.

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CSS Box Model Course

Have you ever tried to learn the Box Model but things never really seemed to stick? In this course I will teach you ​how to build visually accurate front-end code by learning the box model inside and out.

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Education Center

Learn more about my thoughts and process in Design Systems Engineering by exploring a collection of my best articles and talks from around the web.

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James has became an integral part of my team, sharing his knowledge of web development and making valuable recommendations. What stands out for me is the wonderful experience that James was able to create.

Jill Barletti , Founder Snowflake Stories LLC

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With this free email course you’ll learn the core conceptual knowledge along with the mindset to approach your next design system. Learn not only how a design system can make your team more efficient, but also how to sell the idea to management.