Learn how systems are changing the face of Web Design


  1. A real-world example of a coded AKA living styleguide

  2. A sneak peak into one of my project Sass files

  3. Your styleguide stinks

  4. How do you redesign a site like Capital One with 2500 pages?

  5. What does traffic have to do with design systems?

  6. Creating a minimal feature demo to ensure stakeholder buy-in

  7. Woes of the CMS: the open source theme or starter project

  8. What livin’ in the desert taught me

  9. What is it like to win an award?

  10. Why offshore teams need Design Systems Engineering

About the Author

My passion is Design Systems Engineering where I work at the intersection of fast-paced design and development teams. Unlike other online course experts, I am an award-winning web designer, a top contributor to the ZURB Foundation framework, and an Adjunct Professor at the School of Visual Arts at Penn State.

For the past 4 years I have worked as a Design Systems Engineer helping agencies, enterprises and startups to build out beautiful, performant front-end code and systems. This course is part of my mission to bring Design Systems Engineering to enterprises of all sizes.

"My goal is to assist web professionals wanting to work in the intersection between Design and Engineering a way to bootstrap their education and career."

James Stone, MFA – ZURB Certified Preferred