Do you want to create a Living (Coded) Styleguide for your organization or web project but don't know where to start?

Join James Stone, YouTube sensation for this 7-part online training...

In this training you will learn...


But more importantly what are the differences between Brand Guidelines and a Living (Coded) Styleguide. Understand what the difference is and why one excels in use for the web.

Why do this?

It is not simply enough to just create a styleguide for the sake of creating a styleguide. Understand what the advantages are of creating a living styleguide and how they apply to your web projects.

What do you need to include?

Many people look at styleguides online and figure they need everything, including the kitchen sink. In this training I explain what are the most important bits, and where to concentrate your efforts so you don't waste time.

Static Styleguide MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with Google Docs

Get a good idea about how to take these theories and put it into practice. This is one way to get started with developer documentation that can help answer common questions in your web project.

Create a Living (Coded) Styleguide with Style Sherpa

You will learn how to use the ZURB Template and Style Sherpa to easily create code example pairs that are easy to use and update, and will share the same CSS / Sass as the rest of your project.

Questions & Answer Session

Gain access to answers to common questions asked by participants during the live training.

Build your first living (coded) styleguide with a clear strategy of how to get from point A to point B

7 Video Lessons give you just the right amount of background to approach your own projects
Living (Coded) Styleguide in 60-minutes

Access to a live training event that explains what a living styleguide is and then shows you how to create one.

Introduction & How it works

  • ​Introduction
  • Agenda
  • About James Stone
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Styleguides

Practical Walkthroughs & Demos

  • Create a static styleguide MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in Google Docs
  • Create a Living Styleguide with Style Sherpa

Bonus (Coming soon...)

  • ZURB Foundation Starter / Example Project
  • Bootstrap Starter / Example Project
  • UI-Kit Starter / Example Project
Your Instructor

My passion is Design Systems Engineering where I work at the intersection of fast-paced design and development teams. Unlike other online course experts, I am an award-winning web designer, a top contributor to the ZURB Foundation framework, and an Adjunct Professor at the School of Visual Arts at Penn State.

For the past 4 years I have worked as a Design Systems Engineer helping agencies, enterprises and startups to build out beautiful, performant front-end code and systems. This course is part of my mission to bring Design Systems Engineering to enterprises of all sizes.

"My goal is to assist web professionals wanting to work in the intersection between Design and Engineering a way to bootstrap their education and career."

James Stone, MFA – ZURB Certified Preferred

What people are saying...

He's a guy with a lot of experience, a natural teacher, and it shows

Throughout James' ZURB Foundation workshop, you'll also have the opportunity to soak up tips and tricks on efficient coding workflows, the latest apps and software, and other tech wizardry that James can't help but share. He's a guy with a lot of experience, a natural teacher, and it shows. Anyone who sits in a classroom with him will leave inspired at the end of the day.

Michael Stevenson

James Stone's workshop was an example of how prototyping in ZURB Foundation could be fast and methodical

Fast and methodical are two words rarely used in unison, but James Stone's workshop was an example of how prototyping in ZURB Foundation could be just that. The workshop covered a wide range of key features in Foundation and allowed me to make the switch from Bootstrap without skipping a beat.

Darien Lombardi

James Stone is one hell of a ZURB Foundation salesman and instructor

@JAMESSTONEco is one hell of a @ZURBfoundation salesman and instructor. I. Am. Sold. #greattech #flexible #biwinning

Charles Watson

What sets this training apart from others?


This training has pro quality audio which means volume levels are consistent from video to video. The trainer has a clear articulated voice and speaks in the most easy manner to be understood.


This training goes above and beyond the existing (and fairly comprehensive) official ZURB Foundation documentation. This is not just a simple copy of the official documentation.


The source code shown in this course has been tested to be error free and working properly. There is a support system if you run into any issues. Unlike other courses which are still giving out out of date information, this course is constantly updated.


Unlike other courses which focus purely on theory, this course also provides you a detailed practical approach and guidelines for building real world styleguides. This training starts with simple ideas and then connects and builds upon the concepts learned earlier.


Unlike other courses and books that confuse more than they help, this course provides clear examples to explain concepts. This is not just passively watching theory and not doing anything with it. We will build stuff 🙂

Is this Course Right for You?

Your course is not for everybody, you can use this section to pre-select the customers that will get the best results.


  • Product and Project Managers that want to better understand the process to take their ideas from their design to their engineering team smoothly.
  • Artists and Designers that want to have a better understanding of how the web is built, to better inform their design decisions. Without having to learn a programming language or get buried in too much information.
  • Developers that want to have a better control over the visual design of their web pages.
  • If you already have an idea of how to create web pages by scratch or using a framework, then this course will give you the proper background, process, and examples to get to that next pro level.
  • This training starts from a basic level for beginners for better understanding of the concepts.


  • Absolute beginners who do not know basic HTML or CSS
  • Developers that are completely against using a front-end framework and using a modern tool set.
  • Designers and Developers that simply want to play around with settings and not really get to that pro level.

Pricing + Packages



Online Training Only 

  • Instant access to 7 Lessons
  • Lifetime access

Team packages are available. Contact us for details.

Living Styleguide in 30 days or less

I know that often other courses don't give you exactly what you signed up for, that is why we have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you sign up for the course and are not satisfied with it for any reason during the first 30-days you can request a full refund via email.