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I am offering my best consulting services as low-risk, fixed-price packages. If you don't find a package to meet your needs, drop me a line at [email protected] to discuss a custom engagement.

60-Minute Strategy Call

With 60-minutes spent looking over your current properties, platforms, handoff, and build process we can diagnose the root cause(s) of team (mis)communication and inefficiencies.

This 60-minute strategy currently costs $149. Learn more

Single Feature Buildout

Sometimes you only need help in one area of your web application. Perhaps you want to a/b a new feature idea, or you have a new widget or piece of your user interface that is a bit tricky. This package was developed specifically for such situations, when we can achieve a quick win with a bit front-end buildout (not just recommendations). To help you best understand the underlying strategy and come up with a game plan to move forward, this package comes with a complimentary 60-minute Strategy Call.

This package currently costs $399. Email me to get started

Starter Project

I will personally evaluate your latest projects, process, and tooling and develop a core Starter Project that can be used as the basis to start each new project for your team or organization. Save time and be more consistent.

This package currently costs $849. Email me to get started

Front-end Audit

Have you recently pushed your app to production, hired an agency redesign or ux heavy change, or otherwise want a 2nd opinion about what might not be up to spec on your site. With this service I will deep dive into your front-end code public facing code, your private git repo, or staging site and produce a written report that will outline not only issues encountered, but how to approach fixing them. If you have a limited window for reporting defects or bug fixes for an agency of dev shop buildout, this is the service for you.

This package currently costs $849. Email me to get started


I really enjoyed working with James because he cared about staying true to the design and taking time to get clarity about the ui elements and intended interactions. It was nice to be able to rely on his expertise with development and his thoughtful suggestions. He’s very communicative and easy to reach which is really important when you’re trying to hit tight deadlines! It’s rare to find someone who is both an expert in his field and very open to feedback and critique to help you get the best design.

Jennifer Tang , Product Designer, ZURB

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