Design Systems Engineering Services

If you are looking for a way to accelerate or bootstrap your current design systems process, or you are the owner of a web app that could use a little more design love, then please take a look at the services below. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for get in touch for a custom engagement.

Design Systems Brief

If you have been working with or looking to design systems as a way to modernize, standardize, and streamline your web design and development process, but are not sure of the exact next steps, this service is for you.During this 2-hour interview with your lead designer, PM, and lead engineer, I will help you to quickly get to the bottom of bottlenecks and what types of systems could great improve your velocity and brand consistency. At the end you will have a clear plan of how to get from point A to B and what specific tasks should be undertaken to get you there.

  • check 2-hour interview
  • check Review of current product design + dev process
  • check Review of front-end code, sass or less, styleguides, or current systems (if available)
  • check 5-10 page brief highlighting your weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities and a phased plan to get your team to a more fluid set of documentation and process

Who this is for:

  • check Product teams w/ at least one designer and a growing dev team
  • check Anticipating a major revision, heavy ux changes, redesign, v2, etc.
  • check Use or want to use sass or less to organize CSS
  • check Care deeply about the quality and consistency of the user experience, visual design, branding, easy of developer use, and performance of your web products.

This package currently costs $499. Get in touch to get started.

Design Systems Transformation

If you have been working with or looking to design systems as a way to modernize, standardize, and streamline your web design and development process, but are not sure of the exact next steps, this service is for you.

  • check Done for you service​​​​
  • check You will have a set of front-end code layouts, a coded styleguide, a set of color and spacing tokens / variables, and a modern build system and pipeline at the end of the day
  • check A guide of how to work with this system in conjunction with your production builds, to maintain brand consistency, roll out and test visual changes in isolation, and lock and unlock imported versions via npm

This package currently costs $4,999. Get in touch to get started. Apply the cost of the Design Systems Brief towards the cost of the transformation.


James has a unique gift in translating beautiful visual designs into clean and semantic front-end code that keeps the design intent and visual branding strong and consistent.

Bryan Zmijewski,Chief Instigator, ZURB Inc.profile-pic

James is someone that has a great sense of design and UX. He is able to produce clean and extensible front-end code in ZURB Foundation, which makes my job easier when I have to implement these features in Drupal.

Mike Crittenden,Software Architectprofile-pic

I really enjoyed working with James because he cared about staying true to the design and taking time to get clarity about the ui elements and intended interactions. It was nice to be able to rely on his expertise with development and his thoughtful suggestions. He’s very communicative and easy to reach which is really important when you’re trying to hit tight deadlines! It’s rare to find someone who is both an expert in his field and very open to feedback and critique to help you get the best design.

Jennifer Tang,Product Designer, ZURB

Web App Design Brief

Do you have a working app but the Design and UX leaves something to be desired. Have you started with ZURB Foundation, Bootstrap, or UI Kit and ended up with a flat boring app? Are there elements that seem wonky and off brand? If you don’t have a current designer and your dev team is leaving things in a visual mess, I can help.So you have a web app (or marketing site) and you are passionate about the project. You have a growing team of developers. You may have even hired a designer or two in the past. But things look off, it is not quite up to snuff, and when you compare it to other apps in your industry, you are coming out below average in the ux or visual design category. You don’t have the time or resources for a complete redesign, but you need someone to come in and get things clean up, and in a flash.In this phone call we will get down to the core business goals of your app, who your audience is, and look at what are some quick and easy wins and fixes for your current app. This is not reinventing the wheel, but making the best of what you have. You already know what metrics you need to hit to end up at a proper v2. You just need that extra oomph to get you there. If so, this service is for you.

  • check 90 minute interview to get at the core business goals and audience insights for your particular situation
  • check 3-5 page brief outlining what changes could be made with a minimal effort which would result in stronger brand consistency, a better app experience for your customers, and visual design that will increase quickly increase your trust factor

This package currently costs $299. Get in touch to get started.

Web App Design Transformation

Your web apps layout, design and ux cleaned up and refined at the end of one business day. Taking insights from the Web App Design Brief, I will personally create a set of 3 front-end code templates and a coded styleguide, which will augment and expand on your current work. All you need to do to go live is to copy the CSS (or integrate a sass or less build pipeline, instructions included) and use the templates and accompanying styleguide to modify your existing backend or front-end templates (implementation in your app not included).

  • check 3 coded templates. Includes headers and footers (1 style)
  • check Coded Styleguide. Covers new patterns created not covered. Extends the documentation of your chosen framework (ZURB Foundation, Bootstrap, UI Kit, etc.) if used
  • check Sass color and spacing tokens. Stop hard coding everything, use these variables for more brand consistency in the future
  • check Sass or less retrofit if you are still using static CSS files

This package currently costs $1499. Get in touch to get started.


James has became an integral part of my team, sharing his knowledge of web development and making valuable recommendations. What stands out for me is the wonderful experience that James was able to create.

Jill Barletti,Founder Snowflake Stories LLCprofile-pic

James is the kind of web developer every designer loves to work with. He’s friendly, has great attention to detail and is a whiz at converting designs into responsive websites.

Marcus Handa,Designer

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