I am excited to announce my first Screencast featured on Code School + TV: Sublime Text 3.

It is basically my latest Sublime Text 3 workflow alongside Emmet and how to very quickly work with web frameworks like ZURB Foundation.

If you have a Code School account (subscription required) be sure to check it out. And if you check it out, be sure to leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you think or if you have any questions.

<p class="text-center"><a class="button large secondary" href="https://www.codeschool.com/screencasts/sublime-text-3">Check out the Sublime Text 3 episode at Code School &raquo;</a></p>

If you are not familiar with Code School, they are a really fantastic online training resource that I have also used myself. Two things that have always stood out for me about Code School: 1) They have current relevant technologies and projects and 2) they make it fun.

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Why just watch a screencast on rails when you can watch Rails for Zombies. Sure it can get a little cheasy at times, but hidden in that is a great mnemonic technicque for remembering diffrerent api’s quicker.

I am pretty honored to be joining the ranks of these awesome folks who are also over on CodeTV:

Here are a few of my favorite epidodes if you are trying to figure what to watch next:

I am right now working on two additional screencasts for Code School. I can’t say exactly what they are about, but I am really excited about the topics.

Be sure to stay tuned.

Have you ever used Code School? Are you thinking about joining up? What do you think about the Code School style? Let me know in the comments.