Today I wish I had a more awesome email for you. Something focused on Design Systems Engineering and providing a lot of value.

But, sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

Today is one of those days. I could have never predicted a bank robbery which closed down the sole highway CA-17 on the way to my destination.

I thought, no problem. I know another way.

So I drove up a small mountain highway CA-9, only to reach the top and the entire road was closed. It took me more than a half and hour just to drive back down.

Did I mention I ignored no less than 5 road closed signs on the way up. My wife and I joked on the way up, those signs must have been left up from a couple of days ago.

I was determined so I drove all the way up and down the coast to reach my final destination. But needless to say I am zonked.

Until tomorrow, when I shall return with an email covering some of the best thoughts I have had recently in Design Systems Engineering.