I have been doing workshops and teaching front-end design and development for some time and I have recently come to this conclusion.

Almost no one is teaching modern devs to create pixel-perfect front-end code.

Instead, they often have to hack together some (twitter | reddit | the-new-hotness) clones. They pick their poison and usually run with it.

In general they pick something like Twitter Bootstrap and leave it largely un-styled. If they do spend some time “theming” it is often without much attention to the visual design.

This is why when you hear someone utter the words, “Yeah, I know Bootstrap” you should take a minute.


And think about what that means precisely.

For schools educating future the future of web people I would like to propose something different.

Future web professionals should work on prescribed projects that are professionally designed.

I mean seriously, how else are you going to get to where you need to be?

Now, translating visual design into performant front-end code is not everyone’s cup of tea. I believe anyone can learn it, but it takes a special interest and drive to get very, very good at it.

This is the realm of the Design Systems Engineer and they can be a huge benefit to your team.

If you need Design Systems Engineer like yesterday I can help with that. If you have that special someone on your team who wants to get to the next level I can help with that too.